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About the Film

The Telling movie is a horror movie directed by Jeff Burr and Nicholas in 2009. The Movie was starred by "The girl next door" fame girls - Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison. The story is about three girls who become freinds in the college and they are known for their mischevious works in their college. And during their final year they play some tasks and among which one of the task is that, each of the three freinds must tell one scariest story each one of them knew.

The first girl starts with a true story of girl who lived with her boyfriend, and his ex-girlfriend. The guy works at a coffee shop where he finds a doll and brings it home to gift to his girlfriend. And the Doll turns out to be a ghost and kills both the girls in home, after which police suspects the boyfriend to be the murdrer and arrest him.

After the first story all he three feel nervous and thrilled and they maintain a pin-drop silence which is broken by the next girl. She starts to tell her story. She tells about a former A-List acress Eva, who again wants to get into acting and get her stardom back. She starts a horror film with a new director and one day she was drugged and had a dream of everybody killed and she being taken by an angel, and when she wakes up and goes to the shooting spot, she finds he dead body of whole crew and she finds and the place where shooting was going on was haunted by some ghost, and next day a news flashed everywhere saying the acress along with the whole crew died misteriously in the shooting spot.

And now it was the turn of 3rd girl to start her story. She tells a story about 3 girls who were friends from college, and the three girls once decided to go to a cinema hall to watch a movie, and they return back in disappointment after one of the girl lost her ticket and was not allowed to watch the movie. Now to kill boredom they 3 decide to do some prank calls and in their first prank call they a man picks up and the girls tell him that he has won a prize of 7 pizzas and suddenly they hear a sound of that man being killed. In shock the girls call the police but and they themselves to go there, to see the police already there, 2 of the 3 girls enter the home and in sometime the thrid girl hears some sound of bullets being fired and she rushes into the house to see the police with a gun and her two friends dead, Thinking the police is the real killer, she takes out a gun which was there on the floor and shoots 5 bullets on the police to kill him. After this she moves out of home to see a man with gun who was the real killer, And now the thrid girl too was killed by the killer.